St James Place - 3 week schedule - September 17, 2019 (PDF)

Banker and Tradesman article - November 28, 2018 (PDF)

Boston Business Journal article - September 24, 2018 (PDF)

Cambridge Day article - September 22, 2018 (PDF)


Construction progress photo

Courtyard View from Parish House Corridor
Courtyard view from Parish House
Elevator Shaft in Progress
Floor Reinforcing Ready for Concrete
Future Parish House Entry at Beech Street
Future Ramp and Stair Connection to Church
Mixing Mortar
Second Floor Framing
Mockup Wall Ready for Water Pressure Test
Stair Opening to Basement
Third Floor in Progress at Beech Street
Third Floor in Progress
Underground Garage 1
Underground Garage 2
View from Residential Unit
View from Future Housing Lobby